A WHYM Wedding

Craft Beer.

These things created a wonderful day for Meghan and Matt!

When Matt and Meghan asked Alex if he knew of any wedding venues that served craft beer, somewhere that was capable of giving guests a rustic New Hampshire feel…he casually tossed out the idea of having it right there at Whym.  A year of planning, emails, and phone calls later…and we had the most fantastic event to date!

Meghan went all out, bringing so much beauty to the day.  Her centerpieces, gift table, and arch were insanely chic and rustic…and fit our little piece of New Hampshire perfectly.

The couple invited 150 of their closest friends and family, who all showed up in red, white, and blue (the couple’s theme).  The night was filled with laughs, hugs, dancing, and lawn games!


After the DJ played the final song of the night, we opened up the bar inside for guests who were staying at the Inn, and allowed the party to continue!

To Mr. and Mrs. Evans, CONGRATULATIONS again!  Thank you for choosing Whym for your special day!

Interested in having your event at Whym?
email: gretchin@whymportsmouth.com


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