After a grueling ten years of being a manager in the corporate world, Alex was transferred to Maine. There, he was able to effortlessly feed his addiction to great beer. He met some great beer geeks who introduced him to the local beer community, reminding him of how passion creates success.

With that, Alex left the corporate world for good and started his journey in the world of craft beer. He contacted Chris and Jen Lively (of Ebenezer’s Pub and The Lion’s Pride) and asked for an opportunity to learn from the best.

Loving the experience of serving and teaching others about beer, Alex continued to road trip with friends to Vermont, northern Maine, and other faraway places in search of great beer. On one of those trips, it dawned on him…why couldn’t his beloved home state of New Hampshire have a place for beer lovers, too? When the time was right, he and his wife ventured back to the Granite State and the rest is empty glasses, or history…whichever you prefer.

When Alex isn’t talking about, serving, or drinking beer…you can find him laughing with his wife, teaching his daughter about Ninja Turtles, tickling his son, or riding one of his Aprilias.

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